Bulk Action Plugin

Table of Contents:

  1. Bulk Action Overview
    1. New Features
    2. Common Uses
    3. How to install
  2. How to use Bulk Action
    1. Basic Setup and Operation
    2. Advanced Usage
  3. Glossary of Field Types


The Bulk Action plugin is a replacement for the Bulk Edit plugin. Bulk Action allows you to edit information on multiple records at one time in a specific form. The plugin will enable you to select a particular form and view all the records on that form. Then, you can apply necessary actions or edits to the records in that form. 

New Features

The Bulk Action plugin is an excellent improvement from Bulk Edit. In addition to Bulk Edit’s functionality, Bulk Action allows you to:

  1. Update all records in a form. You are no longer limited to 200 records per update
  2. Choose how many records you want to display on the screen (max 200/page)
  3. Ability to Show/Hide Field columns for easy viewing
  4. View Summary Fields columns
  5. (Coming Soon) Ability to Delete Records within Bulk Action

Common Uses

The impact of this plugin on your time can be substantial. For example, instead of moving 100 individual records to a specific folder, you can move those records to the specified folder within a couple of clicks of your mouse. Below are some use cases that you can explore.

Use Case 1

At the end of a program cycle, an administrator can move all records into a completed folder. The administrator would use the bulk action plugin to select all records on a form and move those records into a Cycle Completed folder.

Use Case 2

Administrators need to review applications and determine if they are eligible to move to the first review round. 1 criterion for eligibility is the applicant's GPA. If applicants have a GPA under a specified threshold, then the application should be rejected. 

Administrators can start by using the bulk action plugin before reviewing applications. Administrators would apply a filter to view all applications under the specified GPA threshold, then move all ineligible applications to an Ineligible folder. 

Administrators can then start reviewing applications above the GPA threshold.

Use Case 3

Applications have gone through a first-round review, and reviewers have left scores for each application. For an application to move to a Second-Round review, those applications need to meet a review score benchmark. 

Administrators can use the bulk action plugin to filter applications based on the review score and move all applications that don’t meet the benchmark into a denied folder. 

Administrators are then free to take additional action on all applications that met the review score benchmark by moving those records into a Ready for Review Round 2 folder. 

How to Install

Contact your implementation lead or our support team to discuss installing this plugin into your workspace

How to Use Bulk Action

Basic Setup and Operation

Follow these instructions to use the Bulk Action Plugin.

1. Select the Bulk Action Icon at the top of the screen

  2. In the Select Forms drop-down menu, select the form that contains the records you want to make updates to.

     3. If you need to apply filters to find specific records select the Filter Icon (see Advanced Usage instructions to learn how to use a filter).

4. Select the Edit button

5. The Edit button will disappear, and a Change dropdown menu will appear in its place. You can select the information you would like to change in each record. 

    1. Depending on the field/option you selected to change, you will have additional criteria to fill out (A glossary of field types and associated changes can be found at the end of this document)

      6. You can choose to apply the change to all records/all records presented by your filter, or you can individually select records for the update.

a. To apply changes to all records, select the "Apply to all records" checkbox.

b. To apply changes to individual records, select the checkbox(s) in front of the record.

   7. Select the Save button. A saved message will appear at the top of the screen, and changes are visible in the plugin.


Advanced Usage

Applying Filters

1. To apply a filter to search for specific records, start by selecting the filter button after selecting the form you want to work in.

      2. In the field dropdown menu, select which field you want to filter records against.


3. Select the condition for the filter


4. In the Value section, select or enter the value (field criteria) for the filter.


5. Select the save button at the bottom right corner of the pop-up menu. The displayed records will automatically update to meet your filter.


Show/Hide Field Columns

1. Select the column button

2. In the pop-up window, check or uncheck the columns you want to view or hide from view. The field columns will visibly change as you make your selections.

3.Select the close link when you are finished

Glossary of Field Type 

The following field types can be updated in bulk action. Below are the field-type options and how they can get updated.

  1. Text/Text Box Fields - When updating a text field or text box, you will have the option to manually type in the change you want to make in the Change To textbox
  2. Drop-down, Check Box, Radial Fields - When updating these field types, a drop-down menu will appear where you can select the new options to update in the form.
  3. Date Field - When updating date fields, you will have the ability to choose a new date to update on the form.
  4. Number/Currency Fields - When updating these fields, you will have the option to enter in numeric values in the Change To text box
  5. State/Country Fields - When updating these fields, you will have the option to select a new option from the drop-down Change To field.
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