March 2022 Updates

Document Templates Plugin

Does your process involve creating the same types of documents over and over and over again? Then our new Document Templates Plugin is the feature for you. Document templates will enable administrators to create dynamic templates by leveraging their existing data within Zengine. Templates can be used to create dynamic documents such as letters, lists, and agreements along with a variety of other use cases. Best of all, this plugin is included as part of our standard core offering.

Creating a Template

Preview templates as you work

As you create templates with dynamic data in the editor, you can preview how the letter will look for every record it may be generated for.

Generate a document from a template on a form 

Navigate to the target form and find the record where you are going to create a document. In this case, we chose the Application form as our target form. When we navigate to the Application form, the ‘Generate’ dropdown in the upper right-hand area will now include that template.

Here's what we fixed thanks to your feedback:

  • Review Portal: Fixed an issue with listing page exports failing to export beyond the first page
  • Workspace Invitations: Solved the problem of 3 workspace invites being sent to new workspace members
  • Form Importer: Fixed an issue where text questions were being truncated to 45 characters instead of cutting off at the ~250 character limit
  • Form Importer: No error message when importing form with only a header row. An error message will now show on failure
  • Fixed an issue where the record copier plugin failed to copy records when the form contains summary fields.
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