July 2021 Updates

Portal Language Translation

Zengine's Portal Language Translation features allow for easier engagement and increased accessibility for program's applicants and reviewers. In the Submission and Review portals, users can have the option to enable a Google Translation of all on-screen and help text. As an admin, you can set a default language for all portal users and choose which language option(s) they have access to for translation. 

NOTE: This feature must be turned on to be utilized. Please contact our Support Team to inquire about enabling this feature in your workspace, you can do so by clicking on Contact Us in the lower corner.

Submission Portal Login Page

Submission Portal Form Example

Learn more about the language translation feature.

Review Portal Bulk PDF

You can now enable the bulk PDF generation option in your review portal without a request. All review portals will now have this advanced feature. This tool, when turned on, will allow your reviewers to generate a zipped file of all submissions assigned to them. This update also comes with the option to allow background generation of in-portal viewing of PDFs when the reviewer first logs in; saving them time during the review.

Review Portal Settings Location

In Portal Button Location 

Reorder Form Groups

Form groups are great to help keep your forms organized. You can now reorder the form group options in the dropdown menu.

Form groups on the Data screen

Under Settings & Tools, Forms, Manage Form Groups...you can click and drag to reorder: 

After the reorder: 

Here's what we fixed thanks to your feedback:
  • Forms do not save new order
  • Linked data not fetched in Letter Generator
  • PDF viewer fails to resize after loading when there is no feedback
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