June 2021 Updates

Submission Date Configurability

In May, we released the ability to capture the submission date in the Submission Portal. With that update, the date stamp was for when a submission has gone through the entire portal workflow (all stages). This enhancement will allow you to choose which stage the submission date stamp will occur, giving you more flexibility.

You can find this feature and the enhancement under the General Settings tab of your Submission Portal Settings:

Submission Portal - Optional Step

We took your feedback, like with all updates, to include the option to make a step in your submission portal workflow, optional. You will find there is a new checkbox to turn this feature on or off for each step. This will make that step optional for your constituents. Optional will allow the constituent to not be required to interact with the step in order to submit, all of required steps will still need to be completed before they can submit the stage. Also note, this is not an option for the primary step in your portal.

Admin Setting:

Portal Experience:

Copy Form Tool 

If you are utilizing our Copy Form tool, it has been updated to now copy of saved data views. You will notice once a form is copied, if that form had any saved data views, they will also be copied to the new version of the form. This saves you time by avoiding the task of creating the data views from scratch.

Email Format Enhancement

We recently saw the updated formatting options for Summary and Calculation fields to include currency, this format did not carry over the the email tools when displaying these fields as data tags in a message. The team has improved when a number field is validated as currency, the data tag will display in currency format ($xxx.xx).

Bug Fixes:
  • Summary Fields not displaying fields to summarize when using external forms
  • Forms do not save the new form display order
  • Presentation Mode missing from pdf viewer; display full screen now includes

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