April 2021 Updates

Increased Number of Data Views

Each form in your workspace can now have up to 60 saved views. This is increase is up from the previous 40 view limit. We know that you spend time creating these views and it's important to be able to come back to them when needed. We have heard the request for this increase!

Summary Field Increase

Before this update, you could have up to 10 summary fields on a single form. Now, you can add up to 30 summary fields on a single form. The use cases for summary fields have grown and that has come with the need to be able to add more of this field type to your forms. Especially with last month's update that allowed you to include summary fields in a calculation field. You will find this field type in the form build if you scroll all the way to the bottom. This field allows you to summarize a data point from other records based on the form relationship.

Add External Form

This new functionality allows you to share a form and its data with another workspace. Example: If you have multiple workspaces, running multiple programs, you could use the External Form functionality to share the Profile form across workspace. This does not copy the form or its data, but shares the form (and its data) with another workspace. Any changes to data and the form, will reflect in the other workspace(s) as well. The possibilities with this feature are just starting to come into view. 

If you have questions please reach out to our Support Team using the "Contact Us" or "Help" in the lower right corner. If you are going through an active implementation, please reach out to your implementation lead.

Bug Fixes
  • In Submission portals, Custom Labels used with Presentational Text Fields are now supported correctly.
  • Also in the Submission Portal, apostrophes in data (from linked forms or in presentational text) were displaying incorrectly.
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