Module 3.1 Submitting Forms

In this module you will learn how your constituents (applicants) interact with the forms the you built. Collecting data through a submission portal is the number one way data flows to your workspace.

Objective: At the end of the module you will understand how constituents (applicants) gain access to the forms you've created through the Zengine Submission Portal experience. You will be assessed by trainers reviewing inputted information.

Your Actions:

You will input information as if you were a constituent (applicant). Use the link below to access the submission portal. Please read ALL portal text, this will provide needed instructions.

Submission Portal Experience

What's Next:

You have completed Module 3.1, the Education Services team have been notified of your progress. Click the link below to access Module 3.2: Learning How to Manage Data. This module will show you how to access interact with records and create data views. Good Luck!

Module 3.2 Learning How to Manage Data

If you need assistance with this module or have a question, please contact:

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