Module 2.2 How to Invite Members

After you completed building your forms, you will now learn how to give workspace access to others. These users may be your colleagues or a WizeHive team member.

Objective: At the end of the module you will be able to invite members to your training workspace and will be assessed by successfully inviting the Education Services team to the workspace.

Your Actions:

After watching the video above, you will know how to invite other members to your workspace. You will send your first invitation to the Education Services team from your training workspace, this action will let us know you have completed the first part of training.

1. In your training workspace, navigate to Settings & Tools in the upper right.

2. Under Workspace Settings, click on Members

3. Here you can invite others to your workspace, click on Invite Members

4. Enter “” into the email field. The message field is optional.

5. Select “Administrator” in the role dropdown menu.

6. Click the Send Invite button to trigger the system generated email invitation.

Congratulations on finishing the second module!

What's Next:

Module 2 is complete!  A member of the Education Services team will receive your workspace invitation and review your work. Expect an email from our team in the next few business days, to move you on to Module 3.1. You deserve a break from all your hard work, enjoy and see you soon.

If you need assistance with this module or have a question, please contact:

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