Module 1.2 Using Zengine Training Workspace

Now that you have a basic understanding of the Zengine database structure, you will learn how to continue through this training curriculum.

Objective: After watching the video below, you'll be able to login to your training workspace and access the help beacon (Help beacon is an in platform overlay that allows users to search our help material and access help videos)

Your Actions:

Thank you for taking the time to watch the video. Now we want you to establish your Zengine user account, if you have not done so already, and create your training workspace. You’ll end with interacting with the help beacon to access the next module.

1. Go to

2. Type your email address into the “Email” field, this will be your username. Click “Continue”

3. Create an account by choosing a password. Click “Save Password”

4. On the welcome screen, click the “Let’s create your first workspace” button on the bottom of the page. (If you do not see this button, scroll to the bottom of that page)

5. The next page will display several template options, scroll to the bottom and select the template “Custom Workspace” in the lower right corner.

6. Give your workspace a name, enter “[Your Name] Training Workspace” then click the “Continue” button.

7. Next, you will name your first form. Name this form “Applicant Users”. This will make sense in later modules.

8. Click the “Save and Continue to the form builder” button to save and move on. You will have several steps to complete in the form builder.

9. There is a text field on your form labeled, “Record Title”. Click on the words “Record Title” and change the entire phrase to read “User Email”.

10. Open the options for the text by selecting the “Edit” button at the right side of the text field

11. Next, click "See advanced options" link at the bottom of the text field

 12. Scroll down to the Validation settings and select “Email Address”.

 13. Save this form by clicking the “Save Form” button in the lower left corner.

14. Lastly, click on the Help beacon in the lower right corner. Type “Module 2.1” in the search bar. Then click 'Enter' to bring up the next module.

Tip: if you would like to see any module or knowledge base article in full screen, you can click on the title to open in a new browser tab.

Congratulations on finishing Module 1.2!

What's Next:

Module 1 is complete! If you haven't done so already, login using your Zengine user account, then use the help beacon to search for Module 2.1 using step 14 above. Make sure you are not skipping ahead, you will not be able to complete the onboarding training if you do not setup your training workspace. We'll see you in Module 2!

If you need assistance with this module or have a question, please contact:

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