Course Intro & Overview

Zengine Onboarding Training

Whether you are new to WizeHive or a new administrator for your program, this training course is the starting point of your learning journey in Zengine. Please watch the video below to begin the course.

Course Structure

Intro & Overview (5 minutes)
Part 1 (2-3 hours)
  • Module 1.1 Understanding Database Structure and Zengine
  • Module 1.2 Using Zengine Training Workspace
  • Module 2.1 How to Build Forms
  • Module 2.2 How to Invite Members
Break (An Education Services team member will check your progress and get you ready for part 2)
Part 2 (2-3 hours)
  • Module 3.1 Submission Portal Experience
  • Module 3.2 Learning How to Manage Data
You will receive an email from your workspace signaling the completion of Part 2 and access to Module 4.1.
Part 3 (2-3 hours)
  • Module 4.1 Intermediate Form Building
  • Module 4.2 Understanding Submission Portals
  • Module 4.3 Editing Submission Portals
  • Module 5.1 Auto Email
  • Module 5.2 Bulk Email

Click the link below to get started with Module 1.1. If you have questions about this training course, reach out to Good luck and remember, knowledge is power!

Module 1.1 Understanding Database Structure

If you have a question about this course, please contact:

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