Submission Portal Updates

Updates and new additions to the Submission Portal are coming soon! Our Product Team listened to your feedback and are excited to show you the improved constituent experience within the submission portal. Please read below to review the outlined changes and the impact to your constituents. 

Big Changes

Your constituents will notice some of the more significant changes in the submission section of the submission portal. 

Submission Section

1. The submit button is now located at the top of the stage. This will allow your constituents to easily and more conveniently see if they have submitted yet. If the submission portal has a stage deadline enabled, it will still appear next to the submit button.

2. To continue with a more streamlined experience, the pre and post submission text will also be located at the top of the stage.

3. You will now see simplified buttons. There will now be one button that will display “Open” when a step has not been started, and “Edit” when a step has been saved as a draft or marked complete. Once the stage has been submitted and is no longer editable, the button will change to "View".

Form Pages

Once your constituents begin to open/edit steps, the way they interact with saving and completing the step will change. In the image below, you will see a before and after for this section.


There were two buttons, "Save Draft" and "Save" at the bottom of the page. Your feedback indicated that the functionality of these buttons was not clear. The buttons were redesigned to ensure their behavior and function is clear to constituents. 

Given your feedback, we made this area easier to understand for the constituent.


  • We have included the buttons at the top of the page for convenience. 
  • There is a clear "Save Draft" option to save what has been completed so far, allowing the constituent to leave and return later without completing all required fields.
  • A new "Mark Complete" button replaces the "Save" button, to mark the step complete if all requirements are met. This language is clear for the constituent.
  • The "Close" button was added to close the step and return to the submission section.

Other Changes & New Additions

That's not all! Below are smaller enhancements for your review. These will continue the trend of a better portal experience for your constituents.

Submission Section Layout

1. The breadcrumbs have a new location at the top of the page! This will allow for easier navigation.

2. New record name heading has been added.

3. The ability to minimize sections has been introduced to the section layout. 

4. Ordering of submission stages are now available, the default is Newest to Oldest.

New Settings Button

We have removed the "Logout" button in the upper right corner and replaced it with a settings button. Your constituents will have access to a customizable "Help" page you create or "Logout."

As the administrator you can enable the Help in the Submission Portal configuration. Edit the portal settings, click on Help Page and check the box to enable the help page option. You can place your custom text here or have it direct to an external url.

Listings and Requests

When viewing a listing or request page, the minimum, maximum and total items completed will be displayed more prominently at the top of the page.

Preview & Print

Last but not least, your constituents can still preview and print their forms. This action is now located next to the form page title. Just click on the down arrow to expand the menu to preview or print the form.

We hope you find these updates and additions to be as helpful as we have designed and implemented. We thank you for your feedback to help improve our Zengine platform as we make it a better experience for all involved with your program.

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