May 2020 Updates

Reorder Field Choices

A long requested feature is here! If you need to reorder the choices in a dropdown, radio button, or checkbox field, you can now do this with ease. Find the new feature within the field settings, just click, drag, and drop. Don't forget to save. That's it!

Google Analytics for Submission Portals

Giving you more insight and control of your submission portal. You can enable Google Analytics to gain access to information and activity for visitors to your submission portal. Learn more here.

Summary Fields in Portals

We can now display Summary field types in portals. If you decide to show these fields to portal users, you turn on a custom show for the field(s). By default, your current summary fields are not displayed.

Bug Fixes:
  • Bulk Update plugin will now show more than 20 folders
  • PDFs with long names will generate successfully
  • CC/BCC addresses can be removed from Bulk Emails
  • CC/BCC no longer overwrite email tracker stats
  • Program Staff can now navigate to a linked record with only view permissions
  • Bulk PDF download no longer appears in review portals with no listings
  • Bulk PDF download no longer disables public review portals
  • Review Portals with Bulk PDF enabled no longer cause errors when inactive
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