Google Analytics for Submission Portals

You can enable Google Analytics to gain access to information and activity for visitors to your submission portal.

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Feature Disclaimer

Below is the Zengine disclaimer you will need to confirm to enabled this feature:

"By enabling this feature, I certify to WizeHive that we have made all disclosures and will obtain all consents required under applicable privacy and other laws and regulations for the collection and use of this data. I further certify that we will use the data derived from this feature in strict compliance with such privacy and other laws and regulations and our privacy policy."


In order to use this feature in Zengine, you will need to first make sure you have a Google Analytics Account and a Google Tracking ID for your Zengine Submission Portal. Please note that the Owner of the workspace should be the only one to enable this feature. Follow the steps below to enable this feature in Zengine:

  1. As the Owner, login to Zengine and select the workspace that contains the submission portal you anticipate to enable the feature.
  2. Navigate along the blue navigation bar to Settings & Tools, click the gear icon.
  3. Under Plugin Setting, click on Submission Portal. 
  4. Select which portal you will update by select the Edit Submission Portal button (looks like a pad and pencil). 
  5. This will bring you to this portal's settings, click on the Users tab, scroll down until you see the Google Analytics option. 
  6. Click the checkbox "Enable" and confirm the disclaimer. The disclaimer can be rejected, but you will not be able to use this feature. The disclaimer is available above in this article for future reference. 
  7. Once you confirm the disclaimer, you will notice your username was stamped as the person who enabled this feature and the option is grayed out. You will also have the ability to add the Google Tracking ID. 
  8. Enter your Google Tracking ID for this portal in the "Google Tracking ID" field.
  9. Click the "Save all settings" button in the lower right corner. You're all set! 
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