April 2020 Updates

There are a few updates and bug fixes to report for the month of April. During the month we saw added field layout options in the form builder under the advanced section, update to the reviewer's grid in the review portal, and including the workspace invitation URL directly into the email for easier troubleshooting. Check them out below:

Form Field Layout Options

When building a form, you now have the option to control the width of the field. This allows for more than one field on the same line or just different flow of your form fields for the user to experience. This feature was added in the advanced section on each field in the form builder. 

Learn more about field layout options.

Reviewer’s Grid 

The reviewer’s grid in the review portal will now show results based on the active tab as opposed to all of the reviewer’s listings. This occurs when you have listing views enabled.

Workspace Invitation Email

The workspace invitation email now includes the full address (URL) of the invitation so that it can be pasted into a browser address bar to accommodate instances where the link is stripped out by the recipient’s email program.

Bug Fixes:
  • Saving draft no longer updates the date submitted of responses to requests in submission portal
  • Bulk Edit now supports more than 20 folders
  • Fixed an issue with exporting large, complex forms
  • Fixed a security issue with oauth redirects
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