What should I do if I am not receiving emails from Zengine?


Zengine's system generated emails have a high success rate. If you are not receiving an email from the system, a setting on the receiving end stopping the email from reaching the inbox. With increased security and spam filters keeping emails from reaching your inbox, or filtering to the spam folder, here are some steps for allowing emails from Zengine to reach your inbox or your constituents.

Steps you can take:

  1. Add to allowed email domains and IP addresses, in your email client settings, the following email and IP addresses: 
    1. no-reply@webportalapp.com - for portal "forgot password" resets and bulk email
    2. web@zenginehq.com - for workspace invites
    3. notifications@zenginehq.com - for system notifications
    4. no-reply@email.zenginehq.com - auto email

    *Make sure the above are not included on a "Deny List" or "Blocked List"

  2. If emails are still not reaching your inbox after you have allowed the above email addresses, there may be a network or firewall setting not allowing the email to even reach your email filters. In this case, you will want to contact your IT or network admin. Inform them of the issue and emails to allow.
  3. Try a different email, possibly a personal email. Contact the workspace admin to update your email. If you are the admin, update the email field on the form in the workspace.
  4. Still having issues? Contact WizeHive Support using the contact form in the knowledgebase to get help.
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