June 2020 Updates

Our Product Team have been hard at work to provide a better experience in Zengine. Check out the updates below, and the highlight this month is the updated Reporting Dashboard.

Updated Dashboard

Visualizing your data just got a significant face-lift and improved functionality. Another benefit from our recent updated plugin infrastructure and new charting library brings with it a new look and ease of use. There are new ways to interact with graphs, below is just one of these features.

Read and write settings remain unchanged, but we have added the ability for each workspace member to set their own default dashboard.

You can now also easily duplicate a dashboard widget to create a similar graph without needing to start from scratch. Also, an easy way to convert a graph into a PDF.

The best part, there is nothing for you to do on your end to get all of these new features. To learn more and see a complete list of updates, read the Dashboard article.

Review Portal PDF Cache Settings

Program staff now have more control over the Reviewer’s experience and can better accommodate programs which necessitate changes to applications during the review process. We have added additional settings under the Data tab in the Review Portal plugin for you to set the cache time or manually refresh. This helps to ensure your reviewers are viewing the most up to date information in their generated portal PDFs.

Bug Fixes:
  • Keyboard Enter will now behave properly on forms with file upload fields in portals.
  • PDFs with apostrophe characters display properly when viewed in portals.
  • PDF attachments with encryption or passwords will no longer cause PDFs to fail
  • Field Width can now be successfully reset
  • Email verification now works as expected for workspace invites for SSO workspaces.
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