March 2020 Updates

The Product Team keeps them coming! This month, we are looking at updates to our email tools and a less disruptive experience in the Submission Portal, also some administration improvements. Check out the changes below.

Bulk Email

There are several updates to Bulk Email that will make using this plugin a better experience for you, including CC/BCC fields, accessing a list of recipients before you send and even using a data view filter in your email filter of recipients. Let's check them out.


Keep interested parties in the loop when communicating with constituents using the newly added CC and BCC fields.

Recipient Preview List

You can now view a list of recipients before you send an email message. While previewing the email, you are now presented with a link to view the list of recipients in a data grid view.

Scheduling Update

Until today, you had to have at least one record that met your filter criteria before you could schedule an email. Well, that is no longer the case. You can schedule an email to any group of recipients, even if there are none today. When the date and time of your scheduled email comes, it will send if there are recipients. Even if the red message appears on your filter, you can schedule the email.

Data View Update

When viewing the data tab, there is an email button that can be used to create an email message. In the past, it just brought you to a new draft email, with this update, this action will now carry along any filter criteria into the draft email. Very useful if you do not want to rebuild a filter in the email tool. Pretty cool.

Auto Email

It is much easier to manage a growing list of automated email templates in the redesigned Auto Email plugin with newly added sorting capabilities. We hope you find the new layout an improved experience. 

Submission Portal Update

The change will bring a better flow for your constituents. Once a portal user completes their Profile, the portal will no longer present the generic system pop-up that congratulates the user on completing their profile. They can now continue with their submission without getting interrupted by the system.

Increased Importing Limit

Large amounts of data can be imported with half the number of imports thanks to the increased import limit of 2000 records, up from 1000.

Admin Navigation Update

Working within a specific form group is now easier as the selected form group will remain selected as you navigate Zengine admin. When you navigate to a form that is not part of the selected form group, you will return to All Forms.

Bug Fixes
  • Scrolling again works for sidebar plugins
  • Fixed issues with Auto Email (was a limited time issue caused by development update)
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