November 2019 Updates

PDF output for Zengine records is here. 

Zengine administrators now have the ability to export a record and any related records as a single PDF file. This provides a convenient way to share program data with external stakeholders in both digital or print formats, or to archive program data for compliance.

*As a Zengine administrator, once a record is selected to view, you will now have access to generate a PDF by clicking the button in the image below.

*You will have the option to choose which related forms and upload fields to include. Once created, you will get notified and have the opportunity to download.

We didn't forget about your users in the the review portal! Reviewers now have the option to review an entire application as a single PDF document. The generated PDF can be downloaded, viewed inline within the portal, or printed to ensure reviewers have a convenient way to view the applications that supports their process.

*In the review portal, users will be able to switch between a PDF View or the default Interactive view

*Once generated, they will see the file viewer to view the entire submission in a single PDF. Only fields/forms displayed in the portal will be included.

Portal Default Text

For newly created portals, text will be populated in most of the description text boxes to provide a proposed starting point for your portal instructions which represent the best practices employed by our expert implementation staff. This will help you get started with all the different locations portal text can appear, you can make edits or completely remove.


Submission Portal Start Dates

It is now possible for an administrator to identify a start date and time to control when a portal becomes available to constituents. This is especially useful for portals that have start times that become available at midnight!

*You can enable the start date and time for any portal. There is an option to configure the on-screen text constituents will see.

*Here is what your constituents will see if they try to access your portal before the start date and time.

Navigation Update

We have removed the Activity Stream icon from the blue navigation bar for workspace members. You still have access from the record level for the same functionality.

Bug Fixes:

  • Moving away from a Request will no longer discard unsaved changes to text.
  • Forms with multiple, adjacent file upload fields will now render properly.
  • Auto emails will now honor the decimal configurations on summary fields.
  • Chrome will no longer attempt to fill in hidden fields and cause an error.
  • Field tags can now be added to Request email templates.
  • Deleting a request no longer deletes unrelated responses
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