August 2019 Updates

Limit Multiple Submissions

You can now choose to allow multiple submissions in your portal and limit the number. The default is 75 submissions, but you can now change this number.

*Admin side configuration settings.

*Portal side once you have limited the number and your constituent has reached the limit.

Name Export Files

Also new this month, when exporting data from your data grid view, you have the opportunity to name the file that will be created. You can also choose to use the short names of your fields, this is checked by default.

Bug Fixes:

  • Assistive technology can now better comprehend portal password rules
  • Styles on headings in text descriptions are now applied properly
  • Hidden required fields for collaborator response forms are now treated appropriately
  • Start dates now display properly in submission portals
  • Deadline messages no longer display incorrectly
  • Forms endpoint no longer requires deprecated properties
  • Review Portal help text will not be displayed unintentionally on inactive portals
  • Invalid email addresses will no longer cause browsers to slow down
  • Chrome's changes to cross-site cookie behavior is now supported
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