July 2019 Updates

Updates this month are all about enhancing the Submission Portal experience and functionality.


Requests functionality has been added directly into the Submission Portal configuration. That means we have streamlined the configuration and settings, while adding some requested functionality. This functionality is enabled for all existing and future submission portals and cane be used for various use cases. The popular use will be requests for letter of recommendations.

With this feature, you can require complete responses from a collaborator before a constituent can submit their overall submission. Getting the URL for the collaborator is easier than ever and can be included in a bulk email. Constituents can even continue to work on getting responses to requests after a submission deadline. Check out more details on how to setup this feature and additional functionality in the Requests article. 

*Your constituents will see a new step type in the portal that will allow them to send requests, see the status and send reminder emails.

Card Color

Portal admins now have the ability to customize the colors of the submission cards for both active stages and inactive stages to match your company's branding or your aesthetic sensibilities. Additionally, the beautiful new default blue color for active stages improves the contrast between the card text and the background for better legibility and conformance to accessibility guidelines.

Before this update, all required stages were orange and external stages were lighter gray. Existing portals will stay as is, unless you go into the settings to change the colors. New portals created as of July 2nd, will have the above new default colors, blue and darker gray.

Bug Fixes:

  • In submission and review portals, drop-down, checkbox and radio button fields with value "0" now correctly show label.
  • File upload fields now display the appropriate links.
  • Dashboards now show the appropriate dates when grouped by year
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