April 2019 Updates

This month there have been a couple of display changes. Check them out below.

Submission Portal Button Text

You will find this update in the Submission Portal. The buttons in the past displayed only an eye and notepad icon, we have added text to make sure there is no confusion.

Reviews Grid Displays Field Label

Last month, we updated the way multiple choice field data displays in a view format. In the past, the value of the option displayed, but after feedback, we made the change to display the label of the option. You can see a description of that change in the March What's New article. This month, we've update the same functionality in the Reviews Grid in the Review Portal.

Bug Fixes:

  • Issue keeping you from deleting certain forms
  • Issue with User Consent Report timing out in certain conditions
  • Issue which prevented certain roles from being deleted
  • Issue preventing portal logins from China
  • Issue causing View only radio button and dropdown fields to lose their values when their form was submitted in the portal
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