March 2019 Updates

This month there have been changes to the way you may interact with the Zengine platform and some display changes. Check them out below.

Field Rule Warning Message

We've updated the process for adding or updating a field rules. In order to reduce unintentional data loss that you may encounter why applying a rule on a field that already contains data, there is now a warning message for the field rule changes.

Submission Portal Step Status

New status in the submission portals - the term "Action Required" will replace In Progress and Not Started.

Profile Draft Status

Draft label for the Profile will be added to make it more clear when a profile is in a draft state.

Rename Dashboards

It is now possible to rename dashboards in the Reporting Dashboard feature.

Display label when viewing/printing form

Dropdown, checkbox and radio button field options have the opportunity to configure the field options to have different value and labels. The portal view will now show the labels instead of values, the previous functionality was displaying the value.

Review Submission Message

You can now configure the message that appears on screen when a review feedback is submitted.

Bug Fixes:

  • Progress report submitted date is now saved properly
  • Progress report pending issues can be resolved
  • Addressed issues with Reporting Dashboard not displaying data for the months of  Oct, Nov and Dec when filtered/grouped
  • View only radio buttons fields will no longer clear on save
  • In the Submission Portal configuration, stage deadlines now show properly when moving between stages with deadlines, the configuration was displaying the updated deadline on all stages.
  • Fixed portal passwords in Internet Explorer that were experiencing issues with the enhanced password update
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