February 2019 - Progress Reports

With today’s release we’ve completely revamped the way you collect Progress Reports from your constituents. Whether you have a one-time post-award report or need to collect the same information monthly, quarterly, or annually, the new reports feature in the submission portal will allow you to define unique reporting schedules and deadlines.

For customers already collecting progress reports, this means that you no longer need to create the same form multiple times for each progress report period, or use automations to prevent constituents from overwriting previous report data.

*Your constituents will see a new status if progress reports are due.

*Reporting cycle will display at the top of the submission section of the portal.

*You can have different report forms in the same cycle or setup multiple reporting cycles. In the below image, the monthly reports are using the same form, the quarterly report is a different form. Both forms can be used in other reporting cycles!

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