November 2018 Updates

Word Counts

This month we introduced word counts to text box fields in both the platform administrative interface and portals. Although administrators could previously enforce word counts, the system now makes it a lot easier for a submitter to clearly view their word count versus the maximum allowed. 

Linked form fields can now act like dropdowns

Previously, when enabling a linked form field in a portal, applicants and reviewers needed to start typing a phrase in order to view potential matching options. Now, you can enable linked fields to display the list of choices as a list. They can continue to search in order to narrow down their choices. 

Review Portal Summary Grid Updates:

Last month we released the review portal summary grid. This month we improved the grid to display 100 items and to export all items. Previously they were both limited to 25 items. 

We also addressed an issue in review portal grid where column headings were showing field ids instead of the field names when not using labels.

Bug fixes:

  • Addressed an issue with hiding fields in webforms
  • Addressed an issue with date pickers appearing in the wrong field
  • Addressed an issue causing 1303 errors in certain portals
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