August 2018 Updates

Submission Portal Iframe Branding Integration

Many of our customers choose to iframe their submission portal into their existing websites. We introduced an option to switch the background to white on a submission portal for more seamless integration.

Submission Portal Accessibility

The submission portal was upgraded in the following three areas to better support accessibility via screen readers:

  • Improved keyboard support in popup messages
  • Added text for screen readers to various graphical elements, including the information icon and clear selection icon
  • Improved display focus handling

Portal Default Login Text

We introduced detailed default login text for submission portals, application forms, and review portals. This text represents best practices and incorporates feedback we’ve received from many customers and applicants.

Linked Form Field Upgrades

In July, we released linked form fields. Based on feedback, we added in the ability for an applicant to clear their selected item in a linked form field. We now also disable the applicant credentials from profile linked form fields in order to prevent security issues in the submission portal.

Review Portal MP3 file playback

We introduced integrated MP3 file playback for review portals. This allows reviewers to listen to MP3 files without downloading them first.

Bug Fixes

We addressed the following issues:

  • Fixed an error preventing submitting new records with certain field rules enabled
  • Fixed an issue where linked webforms were not properly linking when submitted
  • Added a slash before the portal URL slug, as this was a source of confusion
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