July 2018 - Submission Portal Upgrades

In addition to the linked field updates this month, our team has been working on some big features for submission portals.

Resubmit before deadline

With the addition of stage deadlines, we’ve heard many administrators asking for a way for their applicants to make changes before the deadline, without requiring administrative manual intervention. The new resubmit before deadline option allows applicants to do just that.

This feature allows applicants to submit their applications at any point before the deadline, without worrying that if they obtain a new leadership position, or realize they made a mistake in their submitted budget, that they won’t be able to make changes.

This change results in happier, more engaged applicants who no longer need to wait until the deadline to submit their applications.

Portal Form Extensions

Submission portals and review portals can now be customized with form extensions, which allow a portal user to import data from a third party source, or export data back to that source. This makes completing an application significantly faster, leading to happier constituents.

Our first integration is with Scholar Snapp, a non-profit service that allows students to create a scholarship profile that can be reused in applications that support Scholar Snapp import. This extension allows students to not only import Scholar Snapp data into their applications, but also send data back to Scholar Snapp to further enhance their profile. Administrators who choose to enable this integration will determine which questions on their application map to Scholar Snapp profile fields.  

If you are interested in integrating your portal with a different service, please let us know!

Bug Fixes

We fixed two bugs related to stage deadlines. The first fixes an issue when the stage deadlines did not reflect the correct date and time when moving directly between one stage to another with different deadlines. The second fixes an issue where the deadline countdown was disappearing after the form was saved. 

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