July 2018 - Linked Field Upgrades

Linked Field Display

Linked fields received a major upgrade this month, with the ability to display up to 10 fields from a selected linked record within the record overlay. 
This provides a lot more context for someone reading the record data, without requiring them to click into the related record. 
For example, while viewing a contact, you can now see important details about the related organization in context, such as the organization’s URL, location, and industry, within the same scrollable view of the other contact fields. 

Linked Fields added to Portals
In addition to the linked field display, we’ve also enabled linked fields on submission portals. This is a great way to let your applicants choose from a long list of choices, such as a list of schools. The related fields help applicants confirm that they selected the right choice. 

The same related fields can also be presented to your reviewers in review portals. 
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