Login Consent

What is Login consent?

The consent feature in Zengine allows administrators to add a short summary or full, multi-paragraph statement describing user consent of this information before logging into the portal. Administrators can also include the URLs to their own privacy policies and terms of service if desired. This feature is available for all portal types (Submission, Application, Web, and Review Portals). New Users added to Zengine will also be asked to consent prior to logging into the platform and interacting with data.

Below is an example of how the messaging will look to a user when attempting to log into the platform.

(Platform Consent)

How to turn-on Login Consent in the various Portals

Note!  Making a change to the current consent message at any time during an active cycle (Forms are being submitted), users who have already consented will be required to consent to the new messaging. It's helpful to review and finalize your messaging prior to launching your program(s).

Submission Portal

Open up Setting & Tools > Submission Portal > Select Portal > Portal Settings > Users > Login Consent

Review Portals

Open up Setting & Tools > Review Portal > Select Portal > Open Access Section > Login Consent

Application Portals

Open up Setting & Tools > Application Forms > Select Portal > Portal Settings > Access > Login Consent

NOTEAssignments must be activated within the  Program Manager in order to use Login Consent in an Application Form.


Open up Setting & Tools > Webforms > Select Form > Settings > Login Consent

Generating an Active User Consent Report

Active User Consent Report can be downloaded from the same section of the plugin settings where one would active Login Consent. The report will be exported as a CSV file.

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