March 2018 - Submission Portal Deadlines

Today we introduce a feature that should take headaches out of managing the fairness of application processes, and also reduce the number of questions surrounding a key component of any submission process: deadlines! 

Deadlines are now an option for every submission portal, and can be added to each stage of a submission. This means you can now have one deadline for eligibility, another deadline for the full application, and even different deadlines for your post-award processes like progress reports. 

The number of days until the deadline (and then the number of hours once they get closer) is clearly indicated to portal users. We encourage administrators to also use text to identify the deadline date and time. 

Once the deadline is reached, your constituents will no longer be able to click the submit button. However, any work they already completed will be saved for administrators to access. This puts the control back in the administrator's hands to keep the process fair, but also make exceptions for extenuating circumstances. 

If you have an existing submission portal, then by default deadlines are turned off. 

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