February 2018 Updates

We are continuing our commitment to regularly release smaller updates that improve the portal constituent and administrative experiences, even as we work on some larger features (that we'll be sharing with you soon!). 

Improved portal constituent experiences

Updated portal look and feel

We updated the colors on Submission Portals for improved contrast and accessibility. We also changed the navigation bar color from blue to a more neutral gray to reduce branding conflicts with logos or websites that are containing the portals in an iframe. 

Additionally, we updated the look and feel on application forms for returning applicants.

Improved administrative experiences

Updated colors

We updated colors and card shadows to improve contrast and accessibility within Zengine. 

Clearer messaging to prevent data loss when updating or deleting fields

The warning message when an administrator changes a dropdown, radio, or checkbox choice was updated to better reflect the possibility that data in a different field related via field rules could also get cleared out. 

The warning message when an administrator deletes a field was updated for the same reasons. 

Bug Fixes

  • Export view not respects column order.
  • Dropdown, radio, and checkbox choices containing the "\" character will no longer break the record overlay.
  • The record overlay will now properly recognize updates to checkboxes and warn users that the record hasn't been saved if they try to leave. 
  • The country field was updated to include Cuba, Iran, and North Korea.
  • Submission Portals can no longer be configured with a hidden, required field, as that would cause errors submitting without a clear path to fixing for the portal user. 
  • We removed a confusing false warning in the Submission Portal configurations related to single submissions.
  • We fixed the help text for year and radio buttons to properly limit text to 255 characters.
  • The filter panel now works properly for users with mixed permissions across forms. 
  • Webhooks no longer deactivate when the owner of the webhook leaves the workspace. 
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