January 2018 Updates

We started the year off with a big focus on reducing confusion that administrators and their portal constituents have reported. 

Improved portal constituent experiences

Portal Emails

In order to help constituents identify and trust emails coming from portals, we introduced custom “From:” display names in Submission Portal and Review Portal emails.

Submission Portal

We made several updates to the constituent experience in a Submission Portal to ensure clear understanding of their next steps. We updated the Profile completion message to indicate success and that the next step is to initiate a submission. We also updated the tooltip wording on a submission card to indicate when no additional action is required.

Review Portals

We introduced default login text for review portals. We also made some updates to review portals to more clearly indicate to a reviewer when a form does not contain data.

For review portals setup with SSO, we now allow administrators to select a verified email address field, which greatly streamlines the experience for first time reviewers so that they no longer need to confirm their email address.

Improved workspace member experiences

Preventing accidental data deletion

In order to prevent workspace members from accidentally deleting important data, we made the following improvements:

Improved messaging leaving unsaved records

We also now require extra precaution when deleting workspaces and forms. Users must verify their action by typing the workspace or form name in order to delete.

Longer workspace names are now visible

Up to 50 characters in a workspace are now visible on the workspace card.

Form builder updates

The form builder error message when changing file extensions now clearly indicates if the existing files won’t meet the new validation criteria. You can also now use the keyboard to tab between inputs on the initial form creation screen.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed broken Knowledgebase links in the platform and portals
  • Program Manager now allows an administrator to setup a submission group using the “In” operator
  • Fixed SAML-based review portals logging in as the wrong user
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