Record Label Plugin

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Record Label Plugin

This plugin allows you to choose identifying fields from a record and designate those as a label for the record, to make it easier to locate particular records based on information you've noted to be significant. For example, you may want to identify a Student record by his/her name and student ID, both of which may be fields on the Student form or a linked form.

After installing the  Record Label Plugin, go to your workspace settings.

Here, you will see the setup page to create your labeling system, with the possibility of retroactively applying it to records that already exist.

Click the red 'Activate' button when your label is ready.  This will apply the label to all records moving forward. You can click the green 'Deactivate' button if you'd like to turn it off at any time.

If you would like to apply the label retroactively, click 'Add Label to All Existing Records.'

You can also allow the user to edit the label by clicking 'Allow User to Edit Label' or alternatively prevent this by clicking 'Maintain Proper Label.'

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