November 2017 - Review Portal Signup Confirmation

As many of you have grown your programs within Zengine, an area of confusion has been how reviewer passwords work across different review portals. With this update, we wanted to make it easier for a reviewer to use one password across any portal within a workspace, and improve the security of the review portal system so that all reviewers didn't share the same password or inappropriately access submissions not assigned to them.

Starting November 7, reviewers will be invited to self-register with the password of their choosing, rather than you assigning a default password. When a reviewer visits the portal URL that an administrator shares with them, the reviewer will enter their email address. If we detect that they don't yet have a password in the system, then they will be prompted to confirm their identity via email and setup a password. If we detect that they do have a password, then they will be prompted to enter it. As always, they will have the option to reset that password if they forgot it.

Any reviewer who has signed into a portal prior to November 7 will have their password set to whatever they last used to login. 

If any reviewers have trouble with this update, or for any reason do not receive the confirmation email required to setup their password, administrators will be able to assist by generating a confirmation code. 

Please review the new step-by-step process here

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