Form Groups


As you add more forms to your workspace, you may wish to group them based on what their purpose is.  For example, you may have a set of forms that pertain more to the applicant and capturing their info (versus capturing application info) and so you may want to group those forms into a group called People.  The form groupings will be listed in the top left corner of your data page.

View Form Groups

By selecting the 'People' group from the dropdown, now only the forms selected to be in this group (Contacts, Companies, Email, Profiles) will show.

Manage Form Groups

In order to create and maintain Form Groups, go to your workspace's Settings & Tools, and then Forms.

Then select Manage Form Groups in the top right corner.

Here you will see existing Form Groups which you can edit, as well as click the green '+Add Group' button to add more.

Adding Form Groups

To add, click the green '+Add Group' button.

Name your group and click Save in order to create it.

Editing Form Groups

Once created, you will see a listing of your forms with an edit icon and a delete icon.

Click the paper and pencil Edit icon next to the form group you wish to edit.

You can rename the group by clicking its name and typing.

You can designate the forms which will be a part of this group.

You can add a description of the group to help guide members of your workspace.

Finally, you can designate a particular group as the Default Group, meaning it will be the primary group that shows on the data view page of your workspace.  The default view will be the view for ALL members of your workspace.

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