September 2017 - Form management updates

A big focus for us this quarter has been to help customers manage their form data as their usage of Zengine grows. 

Higher Form Limits

Last month, we raised the limit to 200 forms for certain accounts. If you are hitting the 30 form limit within a workspace, contact us to see if you are eligible for a form limit upgrade. 

Form Groups

This month, we introduced a major improvement to the data tab, called  Form Groups. Form Groups let you create menus of forms on the data tab. These menus are shared by all members of your workspace. You can also setup a default form group that is applied whenever a workspace member goes to the data tab. 

Here are 3 great times to use Form Groups:

  • You want to focus on specific parts of your submission lifecycle. In this case, you can setup a form group with just the forms related to the application and review process. Then setup a second form group with the forms for award acknowledgement and payments, and a third for any post-award followup forms and processes. 
  • You want to focus on different cycles or programs that are all contained in the same workspace. In this case, you would setup a form group for forms for your first program, and a second group for the second program. If you have forms that overlap multiple programs, like your applicants form, they can be part of both groups.
  • You want to hide forms that are used just for administrative purposes, such as email tracker logs, or historical data from your default view. 
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