September 2017 - A cure for portal headaches

This month we addressed three items within portals that wasted unnecessary time:

Submission Portal Listing Items

First, submission portal listing items can now be deleted. We know this caused many headaches with applicants accidentally adding an item then being unable to delete it, therefore being forced to contact the administrator before moving on.

This update should significantly reduce frustration from the applicant’s side, as well as cut down the number of requests from applicants to their program administrators.

Second, you can set a minimum and maximum number of listing items for an applicant to fill out. For example, you can require at least two references, and no more than 5 references. If a submission does not meet this criteria, then the applicant will not be able to submit that stage. 

URLs in Portals are Clickable

Third, URLs within view-only form fields are now clickable, so you no longer need to ask your applicants and reviewers to copy and paste certain links. This is most important within the context of a review portal: when an applicant submits a link to their website, LinkedIn profile, or web-based portfolio, reviewers can click to view it in a new tab.

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