Winter 2017 - Release Notes

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March 2017

Form Builder Bug Fixes

  • Fixed form builder to allow an administrator to update minimum and maximum numeric values
  • Fixed field rules so that an administrator cannot accidentally turn on field rules without a rule.

Linked field improvements and fixes

  • Fixed linked fields with record names containing an apostrophe to display correctly
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused an error when creating linked fields
  • Improved messaging to explain issues that prevent a user from deleting a linked field

Filter panel improvements and fixes

  • Filter panel improved to display deleted fields that cause invalid filters and allow users to delete them
  • Fixed issue where opening a filter after the first time had issues with non-standard fields not having the correct prefixes
  • Fixed  issue where the subfilters appeared deleted when opening a filter after the first time

Miscellaneous Improvements and fixes

  • Fixed error loading saved views with groupings
  • Fixed importer to omit summary field mapping.
  • Plugin marketplace sporadic installation errors fixed.
  • Improved experience when someone tries to load a workspace that they don’t have access to.
  • Improved settings when no plugins are installed
  • Fixed issue where deleted fields and forms were occasionally copying as part of a workspace copy

February 2017

Summary Fields

  • Fixed summary fields to follow these rules if there is nothing to summarize: the summary field value will be `0` for sum, min, max, count; and `null` for average, median.
  • You can now filter by whether a summary field value exists or doesn’t exist

Miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes

  • Improved import draft experience
  • Improved experience for users with form add rights, but no edit rights
  • Fixed linked panel to show all linked forms if there are more than 20
  • Updated word count in text box fields so that platform and portals are consistent
  • Fixed filter panel experience when opening with no rules
  • Fixed bug with field rules applied to drafts with default values

January 2017


Early in January we released summary fields. This new field type can be found on the form builder, and allows you to view summarized data about related child records, within the grid as well as on an individual record.

You can get the count, sum, average, minimum, maximum, or median for any field in a set of child records, including on a set of filtered child data. This field acts like any other column in Zengine - you can sort, filter, group, export, save it in a view, and even summarize it!

Read more about this on our blog

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