Creating a Profile Form

An profile form contains applicant profile information, such as their email address, and allows you to create a submission portal where an applicant's basic profile information is captured and multiple submissions can be attached to this profile over time.

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If you are creating a submission portal with a profile, you'll need to have created a profile form first.  This form can capture whatever you feel is needed; key information about the applicant which will remain relatively static over time as the applicant returns to the submission portal for subsequent submissions. Once an applicant fills out this profile once, they won't have to fill it out again; thus, it can save an applicant a great deal of time from having to repeat basic profile information like contact info. The Profile form is really easy to make using the form builder.


Start by creating a new form using the Form Builder and label it "Profile".
Build the fields that you would like to be part of your profile form, such as contact information and a linked field to the Applicant Form (Or, the form that stores you portal users).  For example, you may want to create a Text field and apply email validation to that field, such that an applicant must enter an email address.

Finally, save the form. This form is now available for use in the  Submission Portal.
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