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The Email Tracker plugin enables you to track the statuses of the emails you send in conjunction with  Bulk Email. You can see if emails are sent, delivered, or not sent and also produce more detailed statistics in regards to emails.  This will allow you to gain insight as to whether an email you sent went out successfully to all recipients, and to troubleshoot if the email was not successfully sent to all.


In order to utilize the Email Tracker, go to the  Marketplace and first add the Bulk Email plugin.  The Email Tracker plugin works in conjunction with Bulk Email.

Once added, go to the Bulk Email tab of your navigation bar.

You will see the following message at the top:

Click "Install the Email Tracker Plugin" in order to authenticate and install.


Once you have added the Email Tracker plugin, a new form will be added to your workspace, called Email Tracker Stats, accessed from your data grid where your other forms reside.

You will also be able to access any email from the Bulk Email plugin view to see more information about it.

Form View

By accessing the Email Tracker stats form, you will be able to view detailed information about each email sent.

By clicking an individual record, you will see not only the recipient name/email and the subject line, but some of the following information:

This information feeds into the plugin view Recipients grid.  That particular grid is limited to three statuses, but by clicking the 'Status' drop-down on the record view, you can see more detailed statuses: 

  • Not Sent (Zengine Failure): This email did not send due to a Zengine issue.
  • Not Sent (Deferred):  If many emails are sent from this server quickly, the recipient email server may ask the sender to stop sending emails so fast.
  • Not Sent (Dropped): An email might be dropped if the recipient server marked the email as spam, or if an email sent from this sender to this recipient previously bounced.
  • Sent: This email was successfully delivered.
  • Delivered: This email was delivered to the recipient.
  • Bounced: An attempt was made to email the recipient, but the recipient's email server rejected it.

This will give you further insight as to why an email wasn't sent, for example, and will help you to troubleshoot those emails that did not go through.

Plugin View

Within the Bulk Email plugin, you will see a list of all of the emails you have sent from your workspace utilizing that plugin. 

Click on the subject line of a particular email to bring up more statistics regarding that email.

In the above screenshot, you can see that three emails were sent under that subject line, and two of the emails (2/3) were delivered.

In the Recipients tab, you can see more details pertaining to each individual email.  For an email that went out in bulk, it might look like this:

Above, 2/3 emails were delivered and 1/3 emails were not sent.   There are three possible statuses in this view: Delivered, Sent, and Not Sent.  If you would like further details outside of these three statuses, you can access more information in the form view.

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