Zapier: Multi-Step Zaps and Chaining

Zapier allows you to create automated actions between different apps, services, and systems.

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With  Zapier, you can integrate Zengine with hundreds of other apps by defining events (called "triggers") which, when they occur, will automatically result in predefined "actions."  An example of this is when a new record is added to a particular form, this trigger can result in the action of notifying your team in a messaging app that you may share.  Read an introduction to Zapier here.

While a basic Zap has one trigger and one action, you can actually chain one trigger to a number of actions together, where one action may result in another action. You can also add filters and searches to your trigger-action pair.  These are called Multi-Step Zaps.

Chaining Options

In order to create a Multi-Step Zap or chain Zaps together, you can use the following:

Note that only one Trigger is possible, but actions can result in other actions.  Learn about our trigger options here:

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