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The Summary Field is a field in the Form Builder that allows you to summarize child data.  For example: On the Companies form, summarize count of related contacts from the Contacts form.  Or, on the Submissions form, summarize average related review score from the Reviews form.  Summary Fields and their preconfiguration and setup are covered further in the Summary Fields article. This article will cover Cascading, where multiple summary fields are linked to one another.    Note that just five summary fields can be cascaded; in other words, just four successive summary fields can be created (in which a form serves as a parent field for one but is the summary field of another).  If you are trying to add a summary field and receive an error message, you may have too many cascaded summary fields linked to one another.


After creating a linked relationship and adding a summary field to your form , you can proceed to add other summary fields to other forms.

Let's imagine we have now created five forms for a scenario where an organization collects donations for families. Specific items are requested by a family to be donated to their children, and receipts are provided by the donors to the organization. The five forms we've created are:

  • Family
  • Children
  • Requests
  • Items
  • Receipts 

A family can have many children, and the children can be summarized on the Family form (cascade 1).  A child can have many requests, which is summarized on the Children form (cascade 2).  A request can include more than one item, which is summarized on the Requests form (cascade 3).  An item might include more than one receipt, which is summarized on the Items form (cascade 4).  

All five forms and subsequently linked fields should be created first before setting up summary fields.  Then proceed with setting up the most parent summary field and go from there.

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