Zapier Actions: Update File to Field

Zapier allows you to create automated actions between different apps, services, and systems. For an overview of Zapier, go here.

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The Update File to Field uploads a file as a result of a preset trigger, which can then be saved to a file upload field of a record in a Create or Update Record action.


Before setting up an Action, you will need a Trigger that exists to initiate that Action. You can utilize Triggers from other apps, but if using triggers from Zengine, you can learn more about each trigger and how to set them up by navigating to the respective articles covering them in further details.


Once you have selected Update Record as your action, you will need to select your Zengine account.

At this point, you can set up options relating to that specific action.

For Update File to Field, you will need to designate a form (which must contain a file upload field), the file upload field within that form - which you will be uploading to, and the file which you would like to be uploaded into that field.  

The file being uploaded will come from your Trigger and will be identified as a URL. The URL will indicate to you that a file is there, uploaded to our server, and the URL will be its server address.

Finally, you will need to 'Test'. You have the option to view your file to make sure everything was set up correctly.

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