Zapier Actions: Find Record

Zapier allows you to create automated actions between different apps, services, and systems. For an overview of Zapier, go here.

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The Find Record action let you dynamically look up a value for a predetermined field. Every time the Zap runs, the value will change.  For example, perhaps you have an Application form which links to a number of Organizations who have submitted applications. Each Organization has a unique EIN which would identify that organization.  You can set the EIN as the search criteria to pull up that Organization when a particular application is submitted and uses the Update Record trigger.


Before setting up an Action, you will need a Trigger that exists to initiate that Action. You can utilize Triggers from other apps, but if using triggers from Zengine, you can learn more about each trigger and how to set them up by navigating to the respective articles covering them in further details.


Once you have selected Find Record as your action, you will need to select your Zengine account.

At this point, you can set up options relating to that specific action.

For Find Record, you will need to designate a form, and optionally a workspace, folder, creator, and whether or not the record is in draft status:

In the example above, we will be searching for an Organization form, which will contain the EIN number.  Once selected, all fields from the Organization form will appear, including EIN.

Once your search is set up, you will need to add an action to occur as a result of finding that record. For example, you may want to populate a linked field with the Organization's name, and will thus add an Update Record Action.

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