Zapier Actions: New Record

Zapier allows you to create automated actions between different apps, services, and systems. For an overview of Zapier, go here.

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The New Record action can utilize a trigger to create a brand new record in a form within Zengine.  For example, when a task is created within Zengine, it can create a corresponding record in a preset form to record details about that task.


Before setting up an Action, you will need a Trigger that exists to initiate that Action. You can utilize Triggers from other apps, but if using triggers from Zengine, you can learn more about each trigger and how to set them up by navigating to the respective articles covering them in further details.


Once you have selected New Record as your action, you will need to select your Zengine account.

At this point, you can set up options relating to that specific action.

For New Record, you will need to designate a workspace, form, and optionally folder to be updated:

You can then decide whether you want the update to be saved as a draft; if yes, the record will be created as a draft.

Next, you will see all of the fields from the selected form and will have the opportunity to map data to the existing fields. You will enter your desired data for this new record to each of the corresponding fields on the form.

You can manually enter data, or you can pull in data from your Trigger by clicking the plus sign in the top right corner of any one of the fields.

Here, the New Event trigger allows us to populate the form with data from the New Event.

Note that required fields won't be marked as required when setting up this action, but will cause validation errors upon testing the action.

Next, you will need to 'Test'.  Zapier will need to create a new record to test, and will present to you what will be created:

If the test is successful, you will receive this screen:

Click Finish to save this Zap.

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