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Auto Match Plugin

This plugin will allow you to automatically match records in one form to records in another related form.  The comparison will run automatically when a user logs into the workspace and may also be run manually by clicking on the icon in the top-right of the workspace.

The intention is to let users import records into the workspace and have the system automatically match records based upon a common field or fields.

To set this up, go to your workspace settings and find the Auto Match icon: 

You will be brought to a screen like this one:

Auto Match Settings

In the settings, you have to set the forms and folders that records/match candidates will be going into.[What is a parent/child record?]

The plugin will search the Incoming Folder for match candidates. If a match is found for a candidate, the record will be matched and moved to the Match Folder. If no match for the record is found, the record will be moved to the No Match Folder.

Let's look at the example.

Here, the form Youth Surveys is being submitted into the New Surveys folder.  Upon submission/entering the folder, it will be compared to the parent form, Submissions, based on the match criteria that you will set up.  Perhaps you are looking for surveys that are submitted to give feedback on different programs. Thus, the Auto Match would run based on the Program Name and find any Submitted parent forms that would contain the same program name.

If there is a match found, the submitted Youth Survey will move to the Matched Surveys folder.

If there is no match found, the submitted Youth Survey will move to the Non-Match Surveys folder.

Match Criteria

You may define the match criteria at the bottom of the settings. At least one match criteria should be defined. More may be added by clicking the green Add Rule button.

Again, following the example from above, we are looking for like program names between the two forms to see if a survey is submitted to give feedback on a program that we already have in our system.

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