Getting Started with the Grant Management Plus Package

Congratulations - you just started your first Zengine trial.  Let's get started.

Trial Overview

The WizeHive Grants Management Edition - Plus Package is a powerful online grants management system. The package includes up to 10 administrators or internal users, approximately 3000 applications, and an unlimited number of external judges and reviewers.  Video Overview

Features Included in a Trial

Your trial includes the following four major features, which together, form a grants management process.

Application Intake

Application Intake refers to the actual entry and intake of data from external sources into your workspace.  Applicants access a URL to an application with fields that you have built and complete and submit the form; this data goes into the data grid of your workspace.  You can view and manage the data in different ways. These processes are outlined below, with links to articles that explain each feature further.

  • Application Portal - Allows applicants to submit complete applications with file attachments. Applicants can also create a login and save a draft prior to submitting the application. 
  • Data Management - View all submitted data in a familiar spreadsheet-like interface. Filter, sort, add and remove columns, then save them as custom views. 
  • Administrative and Reporting Tools, including:
    • Bulk Email - Send an email to all of your applicants or reviewers. You can also optionally filter the list, for example emailing only applicants with a draft in the system to remind them of the upcoming deadline, or only reviewers with 1 or more incomplete reviews. 
    • Automated Emails - Automatically email applicants when they reach a certain stage, such as a confirmation message when they complete their application, or an automated decline message. 
    • Reporting Dashboards - Create dashboards to visually track data. 

Review Process

Once data has entered your workspace, you may wish to have a reviewer or judge team look over the applications and provide feedback, rank them, score them, etc.  This is accomplished through a review process or processes.   The components of a review process are outlined below, with links to articles that explain each feature further.

  • Program Manager & Reports - Your trial includes a free preview of the reviewer assignments feature (available as part of the Grants Management Edition Premium package). Manage the review process, including the status of each reviewer, to ensure that all applications are reviewed in a timely and fair fashion. 
  • Review Portal - External judges can review applications and submit answers that include both objective scoring and subjective comments. 
  • Decision Making and CardView - Sort applications by an average or total score, then move your applications through a visual pipeline.  

Award and Post-Award Management

  • Award and Post-Award tracking - The trial workspace includes a form to track awards. You can configure additional forms to track award acknowledgments, payments, progress reports, and anything else related to the grant application.   Learn more about building forms.


In addition to the above, you can control who has access to your workspace, assign tasks, and integrate with other applications in order to further customize your process and administer it in the way that works for you.

  • Integrations - Automatically integrate with 500+ other applications via Zapier. Note: custom integrations with other systems are available for additional cost.  
  • Roles and Permissions - Create roles for members of your internal team to grant or restrict access to certain applicant and award data. 
  • Task management - Assign tasks to your internal team to complete, such as interviews with applicants, or follow up calls with reviewers.

Taking it Further

While webforms and application forms may suffice for simpler processes, there are instances where you may wish to collect multiple stages of information from your applicants, including supporting documentation from other individuals as well, such as recommenders.  In these situations, a submission portal must be created.  A  submission portal is not included with your trial, but learn more and reach out to us if you feel this is right for you. 

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