Authorizing Portals

For security reasons, portals require additional authorization to read and write data to your Zengine workspace. These include the webform plugin, submission portal plugin, and feedback portal plugin. 

Create a Portal Authorization Account

We highly recommend that you create a separate account for portal authorizations, instead of using an administrator's account. This is for the following reasons:

  • Any activity generated via a portal will show this account as the "created by" user in the Zengine record and activity log. This can become very confusing, as it can result in you not knowing if data was submitted or edited via the portal user, or via the workspace member. For example, if Kevin, the workspace administrator, authorizes the submission portal, and then Cathy, an external user, submits her application via the portal, then Zengine will show that the record was created by Kevin. This can be avoided by creating a separate account.
  • If the member who authorized the portal leaves the workspace for any reason, then the portal will no longer function. 

To create this separate account, invite a second email address that you own to the workspace, as an administrator (See:  Sharing a Workspace). A trick for many email providers is to add a "+email", for example,, would get sent to

Join the workspace as this new user ( Joining A Workspace). We recommend changing the account display name to "Portal User", and to turn email notifications off.

From here, follow the instructions to authorize the portal. 

Authorize the Portal

Open the portal plugin. You will see a message indicating that the portal is not yet authorized. 

Click where it says "authorize here." This will open the Zengine sign in screen. Sign in with your credentials. You will then be taken to the portal authorization screen.

Click "Allow Access." You will be taken back to the portal plugin. 

At this point any portals in this workspace will be authorized for external interaction.  

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