Transferring Ownership


Workspace owners are responsible for maintaining a paid plan that covers the workspace usage, both in terms of the number of workspace members as well as the number of records across that owner's workspaces.

If you have created one or more workspaces that are being shared by other people in your organization you can either select a payment plan to pay for those workspaces OR transfer ownership of those workspaces to someone else to put them under their plan. 

In other words, if you have created 2 shared workspaces and someone else within your organization has created 4 shared workspaces, you will likely want to consolidate them for billing under 1 account. 

How To Transfer Ownership


If you don't have access to a workspace and wish to take over ownership (owner no longer with the company, not reachable), while it is advised to gain access from the owner's account, please contact customer support for the steps needed to gain access.

Transferring ownership is easy:

  1. From the workspace you want to transfer, go to the member screen. (Learn more about members and roles.)
  2. Click on Transfer ownership
  3. Type in the email address of the person you want to transfer ownership to and send the transfer ownership invitation.
  4. The person you are transferring ownership to will receive an email.
  5. They must accept the ownership transfer in order to become the new workspace billing owner. 

  6. Note - if you are transferring all of your workspaces, then you should downgrade your account to a Personal (free) plan after completing the transfers. 
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