User Profile


Through your Profile, you have the ability to upload/change your avatar (profile picture), change your username/display name, adjust your timezone and date format, and change your password.

Accessing Your Profile

Your profile is accessed through My Account settings, which is accessed in the top right corner of any page on Zengine by clicking your avatar.

You will be brought to this page by clicking "My Account" from the dropdown.

Click on Account Settings to be brought to this page:

Managing Your Profile

Once in your account settings, you will have the opportunity to change several settings related to your account.


Firstly, in the top left corner, you can view your current avatar. In order to upload a new one, click "+Change avatar."  Click 'Upload Files' and select an image file that you have saved on your computer.  Images are scaled to size and work best if they are square.  Once your image is uploaded, click Save.

Profile Photo

Basic Settings

In basic settings, you can adjust:

  • Username: your login ID
  • Display Name: the name shown around Zengine, which is defaulted to your username
  • Timezone: your preferred timezone, which will be utilized around Zengine whenever a date is used
  • Date Format: your preferred date format, which will be utilized around Zengine whenever a date is used

Email and Password Settings

In Email and Password settings, you can make changes to:

  • Email: the email address associated with this account
  • Password: type a new password twice if you desire to change your password


You must first enter your current password in the Current Password field in order to make any of the above email/password changes.

Cancel Account

At the bottom of your account settings, you will see a red "Cancel My Account" button.


This means you will be deleting your account permanently and lose all data/workspaces associated with that account. WizeHive will be unable to recover this data. Be absolutely sure before deleting data or contact us regarding archiving options.

If you desire to proceed, click "Cancel My Account" You will be presented with this warning screen. Again, note that your account will be deleted and we will be unable to retrieve it for you.
If you do wish to delete your account, you must enter your username and click "I understand the consequences, and I want to cancel my account."

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