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Creating PDF templates for the Letter Generator

The Letter Generator plugin can be used to create PDFs with merged data from Zengine records. This plugin has a versatile interface that allows you to create templates with fields from the form where you are building it as well as any parent or child (and grandchild) linked forms. When the plugin is executed from the record overlay, data associated with that record is merged into the template. The result can be saved as a PDF using Google Chrome’s Print to PF option.

The Plugin can be added to a workspace from the Zengine Plugin portal (where you can find all other hidden plugin URLs).

Once you have added it to the workspace, find the Letter Generator box on the Workspace Settings page. In the following example, I will walk through creating an Award Letter for WA Simpson to send to their awardees.

Click to Create a New Template and select the form where most of the merged data will be coming from and that makes the most sense for their process. In this case, it could either go on the Awards form or the Applications form. Name your template something representative of what it will be creating --- Note: the Template Name will be what the button on your form displays.

You can add images to either the Header or Footer, and you can add some custom CSS if you have trouble getting the desired result from the text editor. You can add the text and formatting to your letter using the editor.

For any data that needs to be merged into the letter, simply leave your cursor where the data should go and click the field name (oval) above from the form where you’d like to pull the data. In the example above, I clicked on the First Name field under This Form. This dropped in the fieldID with the appropriate brackets.

You can drop in fields from the form where the template was created, any Parent Forms, Child Forms, and/or Related to Child (think grandchildren).

For some more Helpful Hacks, click on the (?) button. This will tell you how to some more complicated things with your letters, such as:

  • Date Formatting
  • Repeating Child Data
  • IF Statements to show/hide information based on data
  • Once you have your template setup it’s time to test it on a record.

When we navigate to an individual applicant record we should see the option to generate a letter

Clicking on the Award Letter button will generate a letter based on the information associated with that record.

Once the letter is generated you have the option to make any edits that you want before saving it as a PDF. You may choose to highlight some words that you know need to be changed/personalized at this point.

Clicking Print will finalize the letter and allow you to Print or save it as a PDF.

You may want to then upload this PDF to the files section of the record for future reference

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