Guidestar Charity Check Plugin - Old Version

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Guidestar Lookup Plugin

The Guidestar Lookup will use an EIN entered into a field to reach out to Guidestar and pull all the associated information about that non-profit into a panel within the Zengine system.

In order to set up Guidestar, go to settings and find the Guidestar icon.

You will be brought to this page:

Select the form from which you'd like to perform a Guidestar lookup. The form must contain a Tax ID/EIN.  Select that as the field from the second dropdown.  Then click Save.

In order to run a Guidestar lookup for a submitted record, go to the overlay panel for the record in question and click the star/Guidestar Lookup icon.

If there is no organization, you will see the following:

However, if there is an organization associated with that EIN, you will be brought to its 990.

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